Borderline Personality Disorder And Personality Disorders

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Amad, Ramoz, Thomas, Jardri and Gorwood questioned if borderline personality disorder runs in families through genetics. Although not stated borderline personality disorder was first diagnosed as an illness in 1980. Borderline personality disorder is a common mental disability that causes someone to experience unstable moods and occasionally have psychotic episodes. Gene-environment interaction which is when 2 different genotypes respond to different environmental variation in different ways. Plasticity genes which is the ability of an organism to change its phenotype in response to changes in the environment. A phenotype is a set of observable characters of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. A genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism. Polymorphism is another term used which is the presences of genetic variation within a population, upon which natural selection can operate. Many studies performed on this subject which were often cited and compared with Amad’s et al. study.

Amad et al. used quantitative research by analyzing data to figure percentages and likely hood of borderline personality disorder running in families. Amad et al. choose patients 18 years or older with borderline personality disorder, the diagnostics were made according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual criteria. Meta-analyses, a method for combining study data from multiple studies, was performed if two or more studies…
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