Borderline Personality Disorder Is A Mental Health Condition

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Borderline Personality disorder is a mental health condition that affects how an individual is able to think and how they may feel about themselves or others. These thoughts are severe enough that they can become problematic is a person’s day-to-day functioning or impact personal relationships they may have. Its general onset is early adulthood and may become better with age. With this type of personality disorder, the affected individual has an irrational fear of abandonment and has a difficult time being by themselves; however, their aggressive behavioral traits may drive others away, even when that is the exact opposite of the person’s intention.
The causes of borderline personality disorder are not completely understood, but it
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• Having unstable social relationships that may be extremely tense.
• Cycles of changing ones self-identity and self-image.
• Feelings of emptiness.
• Mood swings that may last for days.
• Suicidal thoughts/behavior.
• Paranoia and loses contact with reality. (psychosis)
• Impulsivity.
Dialectical Behavior therapy – this form of psychotherapy is most often the go-to choice. Because people with borderline personality disorders experience an overwhelming emotional functioning that may impede the normal thinking process, it is important to teach them how to regulate those emotions, along with coping skills. With this specific therapy, the affected person is taught to take control of their emotions thus taking more control of their own life.
Schema-focused therapy – help to point out unmet needs from the past and present that may have lead to the development of a negative outlook on life.
Transference-focused psychotherapy – tries to help the person understand why they are feeling the way they are and the difficulties it may have caused with social/family relationships.
Hospitalization – may be necessary if the client with this disorder expresses intent to harm themselves, others or commit suicide, especially if they are experiencing a crisis.
Medications – no drugs have been approved by the FDA yet to specifically treat borderline
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