Borderline Personality Disorder Paper

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Borderline personality disorder (BPD; APA 2013) is a mental disorder that is found among 1.6% to 5.9% of the population. This disorder is characterized by patterns of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affect. Key features include fear of abandonment, marked impul-sivity, and difficulty in controlling anger. Individuals diagnosed with BPD are also driven towards suicidal behavior. Suicide ends the lives of 8% to 10% of these diagnosed individuals. This disor-der begins to crystalize around early adulthood and has a negative impact on social interaction. Be-cause this disorder is associated with unstable interpersonal relationships, it is important to under-stand how such instability occurs. The current study will examine…show more content…
While the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) takes a cate-gorical approach when diagnosing personality disorders, it is shown that approaching BPD through a dimensional approach is beneficial. The categorical approach in the DSM-5 requires that an individual must exhibit five of the nine traits listed to diagnose borderline personality disorder (APA, 2013). The approach used by the DSM-5 is currently criticized because it fails to take into consideration that many individuals who struggle with certain BPD symptoms do not meet the re-quirements to be diagnosed and treated for BPD. Widiger and colleagues (2011) suggested that DSM-5 should use a dimensional approach for assessing all personality disorders, including BPD, because personality should be conceptualized dimensionally, but this dimensional view has been postponed for further editions of the DSM (Widiger, 2011; Widiger & Trull, 2011) Personality should be assessed using a spectrum that includes a range of normal personality traits to maladap-tive personality traits. Using this spectrum would allow for individuals to be included in this study who cannot be diagnosed with BPD due to the current categorical
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