Borderline Personality Disorder - Understanding It, History, Treatment, Closing - Includes Outline and Bibliography

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OUTLINE I.Understanding Borderline Personality A.Common Stereotypes B.Characteristics & Symptoms 1.Fear of Abandonment 2.Impulsivity & Self-Damaging Behavior 3.Difficulty Controlling Anger 4.Brief Psychotic Episodes C.Prevalence in Society 1.Celebrity & Film Example II.History of Classification A.Personality Organization B.Atypical Form of Other Personality Disorders C.Independent Disorder III.Causal & Contributory Factors A.Psychoanalytic 1.Object-Relations Theory 2.Developmental Model B.Childhood Abuse IV.Treatment Methods A.Psychoeducational Approach 1."Joining" 2."Multiple Family Group" Sessions B.Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) 1.Main Treatment Tasks 2.Stages of Treatment C.Alternatives V.Closing…show more content…
For example, a borderline adolescent may perform well on structured tests such as the Wechsler inventories, but when presented with an unstructured test such as the Rorschach (which uses inkblots) they are apt to become extremely agitated. Stressors to the BPD individual can also produce psychotic-like effects (Fall & Craig, 1998). We have all faced borderline personality disorder in our daily lives. The unfortunate truth is that it is seldom recognized or noticed much later than would be ideal. By then, BPD has depreciated the quality of the borderline's life and dramatically affected the lives of family and friends. Actress Marilyn Monroe lived a vastly turbulent life, composed of failed marriages, numerous relationships, a history of substance abuse and suicide attempts, all of which suggest that she was "probably borderline" according to Dr. John W. Gunderson. Usually, borderlines ensure that someone "saves" them from their suicide attempts, but some take their lives, as Marilyn Monroe did at age 36 from a drug overdose. Interestingly, commercial films have been used to educate people on various topics in psychology. It is important to note that some film depictions are clinically inaccurate and may in fact stigmatize the field of psychology. However, when used pragmatically, films can be utilized to enhance teaching as well as deliver useful information to the public. A striking example of film based on the borderline's

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