Borders And The United States

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Borders is a topic that has been currently talked about frequently in the news over the past year, which has got me thinking what are borders? A basic definition of borders are physical or imaginary lines that divide geographic areas. However borders are not always tangible, they can be psychological as well. My definition of borders are they are barriers, real or unreal, based on certain ideas that separate for specific reasons. But since there is no standard definition that everyone agrees on, each person has their very own definition of what borders are, what they mean, and what purpose they serve. During prehistoric times, borders were not necessary. Peoples moved in small groups and traveled on really large land masses, so the chance of them meeting one another was highly unlikely, and therefore there were no big fights over supplies and territories. Borders are a colonial invention that came with the desire to take over and control land and it’s people. They became necessary when our relationship with each other became a conflicting one over supplies and power. It is important to remember that the world was not always separated by borders. A border is an actual or artificial boundary that separates geographic regions. Borders are political barriers. They divide towns, cities, counties, provinces, states, and countries. A border surrounds the region that a specific governing body has authority over. The government of an area can only make and carry out laws within
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