`` Borders `` By Thomas King

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In the boiling pot of America most people have been asked “what are you?” when referring to one’s race or nationality. In the short story “Borders” by Thomas King he explores one of the many difficulties of living in a world that was stripped from his race. In a country that is as diverse as North America, culture and self-identity are hard to maintain. King’s short story “Borders” deals with a conflict that I have come to know well of. The mother in “Borders” is just in preserving her race and the background of her people. The mother manages to maintain her identity that many people lose from environmental pressure. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t have a mixed heritage. In “Borders” Thomas King addresses this fact through the difficulties of having inherited mixed cultures. The mother describes herself as “Blackfoot,” but this description is too broad for the border police, and for the law. Similarly I have come across the same issue. I could describe myself as Mexican, which is my race, but I could also describe myself as an American, because that is what my passport says. In the eye of the law I am American, but with the culture I surround myself by I am Mexican. This conflict comes from within the mother, and also from her beliefs that she lives by. Blackfoot could easily refer to someone from Canada, but their land was taken, thus creating this separation. The Blackfoot people are “Indians without a country,” they are the indigenous people of an area, but
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