Boredom As A Way Of Being Free

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When I think about boredom, the first thing that comes into my head is a white blank space. It frustrates me because I feel that although boredom is a simple and plain word there is so much meaning to it. Many of us do not notice it, but boredom can be anything and everything. Boredom can continue to expand. I define boredom as a way of being free from everything, however, our minds get caught up with the idea of freedom that we cannot handle it, which is why we choose to stay as far away from boredom as possible. I can agree that I pretty much follow the norm as everyone else does where when a person becomes bored they start to distract themselves with something to do then let their minds be free and daydream. I do not always recognize when I am bored, but when I do I find myself first checking my electronics and the apps that I have, for example, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. As I begin to talk about how boredom works in my world, I start to view things at a different perspective. When I mentioned that boredom is a way of being free, it made me question if having the idea of being free actually scare us. Am I scared of being alone in my thoughts that I instantly grab my ipod and check my apps and notifications? Now that I analysis this whole subject on being bored and free, I start to convince myself that I am afraid of having a free mind because I start to think about the past, present, and future. Although I have great memory on my past, my bad memories always get
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