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Industrial/Organizational Psychology Mod 2 Critical Thinking As former Director of Marketing for, I am very familiar with the benefits and pitfalls of high-volume/high-quality recruiting. If I were conducting the extensive recruitment that the Borgata required, I would have done exactly the same thing and relied on outside expertise and technology to attain recruitment goals. As John Schadler of Hotel and Motel Management states: “Instead of the traditional recruitment effort (the standard black and while, all-text ad in Sunday’s classified section), hotels and resorts are using colorful full-page ads in lifestyle magazines, witty dialogue in radio advertising and dramatic visuals on outdoor billboards to attract the “best…show more content…
The Borgata wisely chose to use an integrated-solutions marketing and recruitment technology company to assist them. Just prior to my being hired by, Monster had experienced a huge problem with a similar recruiting effort for the Transportation Security Administration and we were still dealing with the aftermath. Rather than select for help, Borgata chose a company that offered similar services named PeopleSoft and achieved satisfactory results (Business Wire, 2003.) Many factors go into the recruiting and screening of a large volume of applicants, particularly within a short time frame. While electronic media has certainly altered the landscape of recruiting, it would not be efficient to broadcast across millions in order to obtain suitable candidates. Obviously it is most cost and time-effective to mine from applicants that already fit specific target demographics such as physical proximity to workplace, background and skills, etc. PeopleSoft at that time was a software-driven company, but as the largest database company in the world, had not only the software but also the capacity to specifically target the most appropriate demographics in order to enhance the quality of the recruitment by mining from their own

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