Bormann's Symbolic Convergence Theory Essay

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Bormann's Symbolic Convergence Theory Ernest Bormann's Symbolic Convergence Theory offers a promising method of looking at small group interaction and cohesiveness. When individuals who are not familiar with each other come together for the sake of achieving a common goal, be it a group in an organization or students working on a school project, the symbolic convergence theory presents an understandable and generally accurate stance on how cohesiveness within the group is attained. The symbolic convergence theory is praised and even considered a bit unusual, because it meets the criteria for both scientific and humanistic standards. Symbolic Convergence Theory is credible because it fulfills the "twin objectives of scientific…show more content…
Fantasies do not include any communication that focuses on what is going on inside of the group., For example, Bob is a member of a team in an advertising agency and brings up an idea for a possible advertisement. Bob is not expressing a fantasy, because he is discussing the work at hand. However, if Bob admits he is going shopping after work to buy his son a bike for his seventh birthday, then he has expressed a fantasy. A fantasy chain reaction is a positive and energetic response to the initial fantasy. When Bob mentions his son's birthday, several other group members add how they must attend their son's soccer game after work, The atmosphere in the work environment has gone from serious to comfortable and even energetic. When Bob mentions his son's birthday, a fantasy chain reaction has been ignited. Other fantasies emerge about children, soccer games, and birthdays. Once the fantasy chain reaction begins, common ground is established between group members and a cohesion, no matter how slight, has formed. Cohesion within a group is not an immediate form of action. A single fantasy chain event will not bring about complete cohesion. In the example above, it is possible that a group member or members do not have children and thus would not engage in the conversation. Their fantasies have not been expressed at that point, so common ground has not been established between all members of the group.

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