Born In 1989, Raised By Two Young American-Irish High School

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Born in 1989, raised by two young American-Irish high school graduates in a small, predominately white, working-class, suburban neighborhood sitting just north of Camden, NJ and the city of Philadelphia. My parents’ decided to purchase their first home in Delran, NJ, due to the reputation of the town’s excellent public school system, low crime rate, and close proximity to extended members of both sides of our family. By the time I had finished intermediary school and entered 6th grade my mother and father had accumulated recommendations from several teachers suggesting they test and treat me for ADHD and ADD. My parents were not particularly found of the idea that I might have a learning disability or need medicine daily to help me…show more content…
I provide background information on my parents, since the development of my learning style was fairly dependent on genetic inheritance, early experience, and prior education. My father, younger bother, and myself all seem to share a similar characteristics of right brain dominance and learning style preference. My father likely had undiagnosed ADD or ADHD. He was struggled with math and school, was overly emotional, reacted mostly on intuition, and was susceptible to addiction and confrontation. My parent’s relationship was poor and combative during my adolescence. My father’s alcohol and drug abuse worsened and eventually he lost his “breadwinning” job and our home. I avoided my house during high school as much possible and tried to numb the feelings of anguish by finding people that could relate to my dysfunctional home. I started abusing alcohol at age 13 and began experimenting with other drugs as early as 16 and 17. I frequently experienced depressive episodes, and tried to stimulate feelings of pleasure and fun by going out drinking and socializing in order to drown out feelings of sadness, anxiety, and frustration. This was detrimental to my intellectual development and the choices I continued to make were emotional and reactive, which additionally blinded my ability to be self-aware, reflective and proactive in planning a positive future. Fortunately, I maintained other circles of friends that also partied, but remained responsible,

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