Born Karl Emil Maximilian By Max Weber

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Born Karl Emil Maximilian “Max” Weber, on April 21, 1864, in Erfurt, Prussia, which is now Germany. Max Weber was the eldest son to Max and Helene Weber. His father was a successful lawyer who aspired to be a politician. The elder Weber was said to enjoy the finer things in life and was at times amoral, was a fixture in Berlin’s political circle and often entertained prominent politicians and intellectuals in their home.
Max Weber’s mother, on the other hand, was just the opposite of his father; she was highly educated, cultured and deeply religious. She was an upright woman who was preoccupied with religious and social concerns. This being her mindset caused her to distance herself from her husband and his political activities. When two of her children died, the elder Weber disagreed with how long she mourned the passing of the children, so he took the authoritarian role and demanded absolute obedience from his family. “It is thought that this bleak home environment, marked by conflicts between Weber’s parents, contributed to the inner agonies that haunted Weber in his adult life.” (Mitzman, 2012)
Weber lived with his parents for the first twenty-nine years of his life until he left to study law at the University of Heidelberg in 1882. He had to leave school to fulfill his year military service obligation. He was stationed in Strassburg, where he became close to his aunt, Ida Baumgarten and her husband Hermann, who was a professor of history and who, in time had a deep
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