Born on the Fourth of July Starring Tom Cruise

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For the second film to review, I chose Born on the Fourth of July, which starred Tom Cruise as Ron Kovic, a soldier in the Vietnam War who upon returning to the United States becomes severely disillusioned and against the war in which he had previously been so enthusiastic about entering. I think that this is a film that shows what happened to soldiers when they returned home, from the horrifying conditions of VA medical facilities, the lack of support from the general public as well as the families of veterans when they returned home, as well as Kovic’s turn to being against the war by the end of the film. This film, which was the second of three director Oliver Stone, a Vietnam War veteran himself, and based off of the memoirs of Ron Kovic, who assisted in the writing and creation of this film, made to explore the different aspects of the conflict and bring them to the general public to learn and understand what happened in a more entertainment setting instead of just in a lecture hall or classroom, this film helps to emphasize what happened during the war, when soldiers came home from the conflict, and how they had to learn to adjust to civilian life again in the face of a growing anti-war movement which sometimes tore families, friends, and couples apart.
Throughout the beginning part of the film, it explores Kovic’s enlistment in the Marine Corps as an athletic, smart high school student, eager to get in on the action of Vietnam and defend his country against
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