Borrowed Theory Application

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Borrowed Theory Application NU 540 Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Jean Piaget, a researcher biologist and genetic epistemologist, was interested in how organisms adapt to the environment. He studied the cognitive development of children and believed it involves continuous organization of mental processes. Piaget uses two major aspects in his theory: the process of coming to know and the stages we move through as we acquire this ability (Huitt & Hammel, 2003). Piaget believed that through the processes of assimilation and accommodation, a balance is created and this influences an individual to adapt to its changing environment. Piaget describes assimilation as how humans perceive and adapt to new information and…show more content…
As a community or public health nurse, it is important to consider and adopt appropriate expectations of these patients. Often nurses have to educate or explain ideas and concepts to those with limited education also. The main roles of public/community health nurses are health promotion and disease prevention and disability through a focused population. As a public or community health nurse, I would educate the older adult population on stroke and chronic disease prevention. Whether it is through home visits, clinic visits, or community health classes, the education has to be provided on Piaget’s concrete and formal levels of cognition. When looking at the community as a whole, level of education has to be assessed. Most people are not educated enough or concerned enough to know that certain behaviors may contribute to poor health later in life. I would promote good health habits and teach community health classes with hopes to improve overall health with primary prevention to the community. I think this would be worthwhile to the community as a whole. The key concepts of Piaget’s theory are schemata (cognitive structures with pre-existing ideas of the world), assimilation, accommodation, and equilibrium. Some literature states that organization is also a concept of his theory. In applying the key concepts of Piaget’s theory to a
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