Borrowed Time : A Visual Of Grief

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Borrowed Time: A Visual of Grief
When Lou Hamou-Lhadj and Andrew Coats, two animators from Pixar and Blue Sky Studios, came up with an idea for an animation, they had no idea how long it was going to take to create a short that would cause a wave of emotions with a message of forgiving one’s self. The animation about grief gives many valuable lessons, such as, that it is okay to break down. That it is up to you as to if you let your life stop, as time ticks on silently. Also that it is up to you to forgive yourself. The animators portray these lessons through symbolism, rhetorical devices, and in the way the animators designed the characters. Before this animation came into their heads, they had planned many collaborative efforts, but without the proper ways of quickly sharing the material, they had to put many of them on hold. But this animation managed to be completed and in 2015 it was shown at a film festival, since then it has been making its way through the film festival scene with fifty-five awards under its belt. (“Borrowed Time Animated Short Film”) Borrowed Time was not always about grief; it was a much bigger story. In an interview, Andrew Coats commented just a last week in an interview, “In the beginning, it was a much bigger story, and it was more about forgiveness and betrayal. And we very quickly learned that we couldn 't do that film. And what we were left with was this guy standing on the edge of a cliff. We tried to stay true as much as we could with

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