Bosch innovation report

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INNOVATION REPORT - FINANCE Prepared for: Head of Supervisory Board – Dr. Wim G. Biemans Prepared by: Patrascu Flavia, S2567709, Satu Tähkänen S2738279, Marc Maathuis S2811219, Jasper Kats S2804654, David Möllers S2702568 Group Number (5) Date: 20.03.2015 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Home appliances industry in Asia 4 Product Definition 4 Laser system 5 Heat regulator 5 Recipe function 5 Application 5 Issue 1 – Financing 6 Issue 2 – Project Selection 8 Issue 3 – Project Control 11 Issue 4 - Payment Structure and Distribution-Strategy 13 Conclusion 15 Literature 16 Appendices 17 Appendix 1: Organisational Chart – BSH Home Appliances 17 Introduction The Bosh group was founded in…show more content…
Additionally, it offers a recipe function via the interactive display located on the door, which is conveniently connected to the user’s smartphone through a cloud computing. This smart technology ceases the days of forgetting products in the fridge and limited immediate access to recipes. In the following part I will introduce the features of the SmartFridge in detail. Laser system The laser system integrated into our product is the main innovation. It enables the exact determination of which products are located inside the fridge and these are arranged clearly on the display. The laser system captures the barcode of the products in order to obtain the information needed. Thereby it also determines the expiration date. Products that are expiring soon are highlighted in order to ensure a quick consumption. Products that do not have a barcode, such as fruits, can make use of the silk sensor technology that allows the laser to capture the products as well. Finally, a manual entry of products can be made via smartphone or at the display. Heat regulator The heat regulator enables the constant maintenance of an adequate temperature. This prevents products located at the top section from freezing while other products at the bottom section are not kept cool. As a result, the temperature in the overall storing area of the SmartFridge
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