Bose Corporation

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Bose Case- Supplier Relationship Management

Bose Corporation, created by Amar Bose and Sherwin Greenblatt is a successful high-fidelity sound corporation, which competes on quality. Their motto and mission both represent their focus on quality by stating, “Better Sound Through Research,” and “providing outstanding sound experience to everyone in the whole world.” By 1990, Bose was a $720 million company and still committed to their quality of speakers and sound equipment.
The production process is extremely important, Bose speakers had to have absolutely no defects, not even a tiny spec of dirt. Bose Corporation demand is trend. In the early days, high-fidelity sound was only should in specialty boutique audio stores for audio
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Pizza Hut did not have strategic suppliers for their business. They went into Russia searching for strategic suppliers and realized that meat suppliers lacked quality and reliability, whereas cheese suppliers were basically none existent. Pizza Hut wanted to have strong supplier relations and even suggested to teach local suppliers how to produce their products, however, this was unsuccessful because Russia did not have the right resources such as good cows. When McDonalds went into Russia, they created a new local supplier plant, however, Pizza Hut wanted to source 70% of their supplies from locals. Because of the political tensions in southern Russia, Pizza Hut could not get any suppliers from these warmer regions and the winters in Russia were not fit for growing crops. Therefore, Pizza Hut resorted to buying supplies off the black market. Obviously, the black market suppliers are high risk do not add value to the business. Pizza Hut suppliers are classified as bottleneck. Bottleneck supplies add little value, are high risk, and do not have standard specifications. If Pizza Hut could not get these supplies, production would have to stop therefore creating bottlenecks in their distribution. Pizza Hut competes as a core business and should have considered the implications of not having strategic suppliers in their global business. Looking at the Strategic Sub Processes matrix, Bose produces Finished Goods,

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