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Geographic It is in Bose's best interest to pursue geographical areas such as suburbs and big cities. Customers in rural areas wouldn't have the access to go to a Bose store, but could still order the products online if they are interested in purchasing. Since the emergence of e-commerce, it is possible to reach all areas of the globe via web-interface. It is possible to not only reach a broader market, but to do so at a relatively low cost. The overhead costs from distribution are greatly reduced due to direct shipping from online sales. Demographics Demographic segmentation variables are among the most popular bases for segmenting customer groups. Bose needs to be careful not to limit its evaluations to just age and race but also to…show more content…
Market Segments Wealthy Whatnots This consumer represents the executive, white-collar, and professional segment of our target market. Their age is usually greater than 45, and they are married couples that own a home. They have an extensive college education and jobs with a handsome salary that can support a relatively lavish lifestyle. They have never worried about the price of items they wish to own, and probably wouldn't be able to recall how much they paid to purchase any particular item. This market segment is less technology motivated and more brand name and quality motivated. They own the best products because they can afford the best. Home Theater Heroes This customer is motivated by owning the best possible home theater system. Their friends know that they will always have the highest quality sound and entertainment system in their home theaters. They are revered within their circle of friends and their neighbors for their knowledge and possession of high quality systems. Their age is between 25 and 45 and are single or couples living together. They have a college education and a job with a high enough salary to support their habit for technology. These customers will have small houses or apartments, and will generally allocate most of their discretionary income on technology products. Tech Titans This segment represents professionals or working class consumers that are well known for their love and knowledge of technology by all

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