Bose Sound Wave Speakers

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Men’s magazines are usually meant for young and middle aged men ranging from men in their mid-twenties to late forties. These magazines often feature ads related to alcohol, automobiles, hunting, politics, scientific advances, technological breakthroughs, travel, dating etc. i.e. the topics that appeal to men in particular. But nowadays advertisers have begun to change the way they usually create an ad for a men’s magazine. They are shifting focus from advertisements which suit only men to advertisements suiting couples, as a vast majority of men who subscribe to these magazines are married or in a relationship. Studies show people prefer to buy a product which appeals to their significant other too more likely than a product that appeals to them alone. The advertisement for Bose has created an image of a sound system which this attracts both males and females alike. It makes sense, as whether in a foreign or domestic market; advertisements like this would appeal to a large target audience. The target audiences for this advertisement are married tech savvy men who would like to relax after a long day of work by listening to some music on the internet and their not so tech savvy wives who still use CD’s. In this case both are equally happy to buy this product which is a win- win for both of them. It is common knowledge that in most cases men and women have different requirements and it is really hard usually for a couple to agree upon one thing without one of them having

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