Bosnia V. Holocaust Essay

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Genocide is the systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group. In Germany during World War II a man named Hitler tried to eliminate any race except for what he called the "Arian" race. In the process he committed genocide by killing off 6 million Jews and a total of 8 million people in all. Europe was going through some very hard times during the mid 1900's so that no one was able to see a disaster such as the Holocaust coming. Many things led to the weakening of Europe at the time. The Ottoman Empire was breaking up plus they were still trying to get over the devastation of WW I. Bosnia and Herzegovina had been having many problems as well. They were a witness to much change and …show more content…
The Serbs then dominated Yugoslavia so they then decided to try and expand by setting up Serbian regions in Bosnia. The Bosnian government did not allow that, thus leading to armed conflicts between the Serbs and the non-Serbs. Another major difference was the fact that Hitler started the mass murder within his own country and expanded outward through Imperialism, Bosnia however did not. When the Serbs got control of Yugoslavia they became more of a nation banded together than the Croats and the Slovenes were, so what started off as a war became blown up into a mass-murdering spree.
In Bosnia the people who were doing the killing was not one person, it was the whole nation of Serbs. Meanwhile in Germany the people committing murder were all looking up to one person. They followed Hitler's ideas and not their own. Hitler was able to manipulate the minds of the community and make them believe that what he was doing was good and was only for the good of the nation. In Bosnia the people knew that they what they were doing was murder and bad and that they were killing off the people just to gain power but that didn’t stop them, their goal was to be the leading ethnic race. In Bosnia it wasn’t until the early 1990's that the Croats and Muslims decided to fight together against the Serbs. All the years of war before that took place with all three groups at odds with each other, and the Serbs trying to kill them all off with

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