Essay on Bosnian War

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The Bosnian War was an international arms conflict that involved 2 main sides, the Republika Srpska, and Herzeg-Bosnia. The Republika Srpska would show very little sympathy towards the Non-Serb population of cities they would occupy. 1995 of the Bosnian War reached its most violent climax, Bosnian Serb Forces in occupied Srebrenica began an ethnic cleansing of the Non-Serb population, and massacred more than 8000 people. Many generals and other people of high class within the Republika Srpska were tried for their actions, but none confessed and denied everything, this is what makes the following person so significant. Dragan Obrenovic, who was the only person who admit guilt for the Genocide and it taking place. The accused, Dragan …show more content…
Dragan Obrenovic’s remorse should not have been considered an important mitigating factor, Genocide is despicable and evil and there is no excuse for plotting the death and annihilation of an entire group of people, no matter how remorseful you are, it should have been excluded from deciding the sentence.

The individual circumstances related to Dragan Obrenovic are mainly his aggravating and mitigating circumstances. In this trial his mitigating circumstances outweigh his aggravating circumstances. His 3 main aggravating circumstances were A. The position of leadership of Dragan Obrenovic, B. The role of Obrenovic as deputy commander, and C. The vulnerability of the victims and depravity of the crimes. His main mitigating circumstances were A. Guilty Plea and Acceptance of Responsibility, B. Remorse, C. Cooperation with the Porsecution, D. Character of the Accused , E. No opportunity of volunteer surrender, and F. Personal Circumstances. Aggravating circumstances are reasons why someone should be given a harsher penalty for a crime, in this situation mitigating circumstances outweigh the aggravating circumstances and judges took this into consideration when giving him his 17 year sentence. For part A of aggravating circumstances, the Prosecution
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