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USSO Development of the US and People Professor Kareen Williams MID-TERM & FINAL REVIEW PART I Study aid for the Essay’s on the Midterm Exam. 1. Discuss colonization in general, and explain why was England slow to begin colonization, and what factors finally enabled the English to establish successful colonies? 2. What was the relationship between early Virginia settlers and the Powhatan Indians, and how did Indian policies in the southern colonies eventually laid the basis for forced removal and reservations? 3. How did religion, economic circumstances, and Indian relations shape the founding and the development of the New England colonies? 4. How did the labor system of white indentured servitude work, and why…show more content…
1. What were the causes and consequences of the American Civil War? What were the economic and social consequences of the war for both sides, including its effects on the roles of women? 2. Discuss the causes and impact of the Abolitionist Movement on the South’s “Peculiar Institution” and how it contributed to the Civil War? 3. Discuss the controversy surrounding the Reconstruction Era, and why some historians consider it a failure? 4. Why could African Americans not retain the political powers that they held after the Civil War? What social and political factors went into their loss of power? How did organizations such as the KKK create a great distrust between the races? 5. How did workers respond to industrialization? What problems did unions face during this era? And how did the courts or the government fail to represent the real interests of the American people via the “lassie faire” approach? 6. Discuss the impact of industrialization on the American people and the rise of Entrepreneurs? Explain the effect that industry had on women and children? 7. Discuss the Gilded Age and explain how despite the growth of cities farmers were negatively impacted by the economy? Explain how the technological inventions and economic change of the Gilded Era influenced how cities and the suburbs developed? 8. Discuss some of the political corruption/ reforms and social problems that defined the
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