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The musical style of the Bossa Nova was created in Brazil in the late 1950s during a period of economical growth and political change, the bossa nova has been often described as the music of the Brazilian middle and upper classes. This music style started in the upper class regions along the beaches of the city of Rio de Janeiro and both its music and lyrics were composed by middle and upper-class musicians and marketed to the same economic group. For this reason, bossa nova was criticized by some for emphasizing a carefree way of living that little resembled the life of most Brazilians, the great majority of which belonged to the working class (3). Indeed, bossa nova songs often spoke of love, the beach, and beautiful women and seemed …show more content…
But the song flows nicely and smoothly. Most of the CD is made up of verse and refrain type melodies. The rhythm follows a nice beat mainly around 60-90 bpm depending on the song. Very easy to dance to with a partner – in the style of slow dancing with a little flair added in.

I believe the track “Wave” can speak as an example of the CD – the pleasant piano and brushed drum with the muted horn. This tracks adds some strings to the back layer to expound on the depth. This song although does not have any lyrics, but you could almost sing your own lyric about pleasure or beauty with the song. I believe the song gives the listener a sense of laid back relaxation. Just enough of an upbeat to keep the listener interested but not overpowering to take over the foreground of a setting. Also as I stated in a previous paragraph – “The Girl from Ipanema” also represents the CD well. It’s simple riff, yet a clam and flowing melody keeps the listener interested. The lyrics, sung by both a man and woman flow just as the melody, following each beat and upturn in the music. I think this adds to the songs appeal and constant memory by the listener (I know I am still singing it in my head). But this song also portrays a calm and relaxing setting – a pleasurable gathering.

I have enjoyed this CD for exactly the reasons I have explained above. The pleasurable and calming feeling I have while listening to it. The piano, brushed drum, horns and strings

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