Bossch Rexroth Swot Analysis

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4 Critical Analysis The critical analysis on the CRM software platform of Bosch Rexroth can be divided into two major analysis  SWOT Analysis  Quality Analysis The following is the software architecture of Bosch Rexroth CRM software platform. The critical analysis focuses on reviewing the CRM platform according to the architectural approach of the system design. The CRM system of Bosch Rexroth , which is known as ICM, has the front end system made completely with HTML5 technologies. Therefore the front end is capable of streaming data to any devices such as smart phones, tablets and desktop computers anywhere within or outside the premises. The system end integrates common database systems such as Customer Relationship Management…show more content…
SWOT analysis can, not only results in the identification of a corporation’s distinctive competencies but also in the identification of opportunities that a firm is not currently able to take advantage of due to lack of 52 appropriate resources. Using SWOT analysis helps to gain the maximum out of the future opportunities by leveraging its strengths and alleviate the threats by working on its weakness. It is a tool for verifying and analyzing an organization or company. It helps to concentrate on key issues. Opportunities and threats are external factors. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. Strength The following are the greatest strength of this CRM software platform  Hybrid architecture. This means that it is a design which ensures on the premise security and the practicality of a cloud based system.  Future proof This means that the system can be redesigned or can be easily adapted to the changes in the future as it is completely based on web technologies. Also adding further modules to the system is therefore

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