Bossini Proposal

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Analyzing ‘Bossini’s’ Marketing Efforts in China

Theme and scope of our project.

To analyze and evaluate the characteristics and effectiveness of Bossini’s marketing strategy as a casual wear retailer in China.

The marketing management and strategic issues that will be investigated and discussed.

• Identifying China as their key growth driver for the future

With the government’s aim to bolster domestic spending and the vast potential for consumer consumption in the retail apparel market, Bossini has identified China as a key growth driver in the medium and long term. Bossini has devoted many resources to develop this market, making China a central part of their corporate strategy. What has Bossini done to penetrate
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Bossini has managed to increase its operating margin while opening many new stores that have yet to achieve full operational efficiency. What has Bossini done during this expansion period to become so efficient and cost effective? What smart investment choices did it making during the period of economic downturn? How did it improve its supply chain management capabilities?

• Dealing with ever-increasing competition in a new market.

China has serious growth potential due to their immense population. Every major fashion retailer & manufacturer, as well as small niche brands will look to get a piece of this enormous market. Bossini faces stiff competition from international conglomerates like H&M, Zara, Meters, Bonwe, Semir and Giordano. What can the marketing managers at Bossini do to gain a competitive advantage and create a market for itself when faced with such stiff competition?

Ways to collect data

1. Interview with Bossini management

In order to have more accurate and detail understanding of Bossini’s strategies adopted in China market, an interview with Bossini management would allow us to gather more information on how their strategies, specifically the reasoning behind their growth strategy, the effective implementation of their growth, and their
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