Boston Beer Company Swot Anaylsis Essay

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Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) SWOT Analysis Samuel Adams has long been one of America’s most popular beer companies. The Boston Beer company prides itself on great tasting beer for the consumer, and profitable growth for the company. Although Samuel Adams beer is a popular beer in New England, it only holds just over 1% of the market share of the beer industry. Overwhelmed by popular brews such as Bud, Coors and Corona, Samuel Adams struggles to gain market share. Even with their low market share, they are still a profitable business. Their mission statement reads: “To seek long-term profitable growth by offering the highest quality products to the U.S. beer drinker.” Boston Beer Company’s main objective or purpose is to…show more content…
Core Competency There are many things that make the Samuel Adams brand of beer stand out from all competition in the industry and why many people throughout the world consider it their personal favorite beer, however I think that the most important of all is quality assurance. The Boston Beer Company stakes its reputation and its business on the product that it puts out to not only the United States, but throughout the world as well. Not only is each batch of beer rigorously tested and approved, but even when it reaches the customer, the company sends specialists to the customers at random to test the beer for temperature, quality, freshness, taste, and the use of the tap/beer glass. Another reason that Samuel Adams stands out from any other beer in the industry is the history and the taste. The recipe for the beer was developed in the 1800s by Jim Koch’s grandfather, and was only slightly changed from the original to give it a more modern appeal, taste, and balance (but again it was only changed slightly). The taste however is the main reason that Samuel Adams has become such an award-winning beer worldwide and also why the company has thus become so successful throughout the globe. The Industry Brewing over 35 distinctive styles of beer, Samuel Adams offers drinkers a variety of styles for a wide range of tastes. Using the finest ingredients from around world, their goal is to create a vigorous and flavorful beer. Some of those brews include year-round beers,

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