Boston City : A Fast Growing Millennial Population

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I. Executive Summary
Baltimore has a fast growing millennial population. Partnered with a slowly recovering economy and new urban energy, there is as a chance to reinvigorate communities in the inner-city of Baltimore. Baltimore benefits from its proximity to other East Coast cities, which have also experienced growth, while remaining more affordable. Also Baltimore is willing to give a tax credit for apartment builders, now available citywide; is an effort to inspire growth of the type of building ideal for the younger population. In addition, a handful of businesses, such as Pandora Jewelry and the expanding Under Armour, have moved to the city, serving as another anchor in Baltimore’s workforce; which would need more affordable housing, which is where leasing and land development comes into play. By creating this considered alliance with Baltimore City, The Hanover Engineering Company which has experience in all aspects of land development, including residential subdivisions, commercial and industrial development. It will better position Hanover’s residential and land services to obtain more market share as this region of Baltimore continues to grow and develop its communities.
II. Mission Statement
Land subdivision is the industry that paves the way for construction of buildings. The industry services raw land and subdivides property into lots for sales to builders or into residential housing. It can also include preparing the land for utility services and roads.

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