Boston Fire And Chicago Fire

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On January 27, 1678 the first fire engine company went into service with its captain Thomas Atkins. In 1736 Benjamin Franklin established the Union Fire Company in Philadelphia. George Washington was a volunteer firefighter in Alexandria, Virginia. Simple fun facts. Since the beginning of America’s independence firefighting has played a huge role in our history Surprisingly, the name Chicago Fire has a plethora of meanings. There is the Chicago Fire American drama series, Chicago Fire professional soccer team, and of course Chicago Fire department. Chicago Fire Department(CFD) is the largest fire department in the Midwest, and one of the nation 's largest departments throughout the United States. It 's also one of the oldest major…show more content…
The Fire department also did not act quickly enough, the fire department got the call 40 minutes after the fire had started. It isn 't called the Windy City for nothing, it is believed that a strong South-Western winds blew the hot ambers to the heart of the city. Landing on the highly flammable roofs, starting additional fires. The fire died down when the wind was no longer blowing, and a small rain drizzle helped the fire to be put out. Only three buildings in the affected area were saved enough to be repaired. The Chicago water tower, St. Michaels church, and the Chicago Avenue pumping station. Chicago receive donations from around the nation doubt rebuild the city. After the fire legislation was passed that buildings were to be made of stone, brick and other fireproof material. After fire Chicago had a great economy because of how many workers were hired during the rebuilding of the city. That boosted the population to over 1 million people, second largest city after New York. 1956 a fire Academy was built over the O 'Leary 's burnt down barn. The great Chicago fire helped the Chicago economy. Whereas the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, ended the reign of San Francisco being the dominant city. That a huge effect on residence leaving and going to Los Angeles. Fire prevention has played a major role in how we live our lives today. Legislation passed that all builds were to be made fire prove exteriorly back in 1871, and here we are today still
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