Boston Marathon Bombing Essay

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Boston Marathon Bombing On April 15, 2013 during the Boston Marathon in Copley Square, two bombs exploded near the finish line killing at least three and injuring over 170 people. This bombing sent the nation in an uproar and it was immediately recognized as a terrorist attack. When the Federal Bureau of Investigation took over, a few days later a surveillance video and photographs of the two suspects were released. After the suspects were named, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, the violence began. On Thursday, April 18, three days after the attack, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer, Sean A. Collier, was found dead in his vehicle near the MIT campus. According to police, that same night, two…show more content…
It also struck me when I saw that they had planned another bombing in New York, this interested me especially since it is so close to home. Now there are reports that the attack was supposed to be done on the Fourth of July. This raises curiosity about security during the holiday and if we will all be safe. I believe that everyone, at the time, was worried about there safety and anyone would have chose this topic to do research on since it was still in the public eye. I learned quite a bit about the psychological impact of the Boston Marathon Bombing. After researching the effects, I realized how much trauma these innocent people went through during a moment that was supposed to be joyous. People that were healthy and filled with life were either severely injured or had there life taken away by a senseless act. Some of the injured victims will never be able to walk again, others, never able to see their loved ones again. Martin Richard, an 8-year old boy whose life was taken during the attack, will never get to see his family one more time. The amount of grief the Tsarnev brothers caused can never be taken back and it has left a psychological effect on the viewers and the victims – runners, adults and children. Viewers across the nation are affected by the social media causing stress on the subject by bombarding the public with media stories, rumors and “a sense of mass panic”. Victims have to relive that horrible moment because the media wants to
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