Boston Massacre Propaganda Essay

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Was the Boston Massacre used as propaganda after event took place? The Massacre occurred in 1770 on the night of March 5. The event resulted in the British army shooting and killing 5 men while under attack by a so called “mob”. The shootings took place right outside of The Old State House. Eight shooters were arrested, but soon after their trials it came down to only two of the six to be convicted of manslaughter. This led to colonial leaders like Paul Revere and Samuel Adams publicizing the event. The publicity was used to change the way colonists felt about the British authorities and in particular was used to help unite the colonies and spread the cause of Independance. As a result of the Boston Massacre, the colonists were able to use…show more content…
Soon after the Massacre, colonists brought up the event at memorials for the people who had died. It was written in a paper which quoted ''Americans! Bear in remembrance the HORRID MASSACRE…when five of your fellow countrymen lay…basely and most inhumanly MURDERED!''. That quote was used in the Memorial for those who had died in the Boston Massacre and to remind everyone that they were killed because the British soldiers felt threatened by a bunch of unarmed innocent bystanders who were throwing a little shade.
The Boston Massacre was said to be the event that brought the colonies closer to unite against the British Government and these conflicts between the colonists and the British army were rising because of how the British Government was trying to gain more control over the American colonies while also trying to raise the American taxes. The Massacre was used to encourage colonists to fight harder for their freedom and independence but also was known as a zero hour in the American Revolution. This point had allowed groups like the Groups like the Sons of Liberty to use it to show the corruption of British rule.
The British being so powerful changed the way most American colonies thought about the British. The majority of the colonies were to
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