Boston Massacre : The York Massacre

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When researching many sources written about the Boston massacre, there were several authors who issued articles about the Boston Massacre, particularly journals, letter and references. Some authors categorized the Boston massacre by its context in history by examining it by the people who were involved in the important event. However, while the authors talk about journals, letters and references, there really wasn’t much discussion about other important part of the Boston Massacre: who really caused it. The goal in this research paper is this Boston Massacre debate is by explaining how it was the colonist fault for causing the Boston massacre because they resulted in the soldiers firing at them because they were the ones to start the verbal and physical disagreements in the first place, causing innocent people to die. The significance of the Boston Massacre was that it was one of the events leading up to the American Revolution. To accomplish this goal, this research paper it will include four main sections, one in which has a sub-section. In the first section I will discuss the background of the Boston massacre: soldiers coming to town, how people reflected off the Townshend acts, and the colonist problems from around the world with the soldiers that came to Boston. The second section will include the colonist affects with the soldiers, like how the soldiers were beginning to feel irritated, the patriots role, how the colonist encouraged others to go against the soldiers…
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