Boston Robot Research Paper

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One of the countless uses of robotics is that robots are capable of doing things humans are physically not able to do, one such thing is manual labor. Manual labor robots have made it easy for humans accomplish difficult manual labor jobs, and made the work environments safer for the workers. Also countless manufacturing factories are filled with robots, which makes manufacturing and distribution of goods faster, and more rapid. Companies such as Tesla, and Apple have already started using robots for manufacturing purposes. According to the New York Times these robots vastly differ from the older generations of robots, such that these robots have high flexibility, and faster and precise movement. By being flexible, these robots are capable…show more content…
Boston Dynamics is a robotics company owned by Google, and has been funded by DARPA(The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). All of their creations have outstanding mobility, speed, dexterity and agility. These robots are built to survive harsh conditions and are very durable. Company’s robot Big Dog is capable of running, climbing, and walking in any kind of terrain and is the most advanced rough-terrain robot in the world. Big Dog is also capable of carrying extremely heavy loads. Another famous robot from Boston Dynamics is Atlas. Atlas is a very agile and mobile anthropomorphic robot equipped with two mechanical hands that make using tools easier, arms, feet and a torso with 28 degrees of freedom. Atlas is capable of picking up objects as easily as a human would, and easily capable of navigating outdoors. Atlas is also capable of climbing and carrying heavy loads. Other Boston Dynamic robots like LS3 is designed to help Marines, and soldiers carry loads during missions ("Boston Dynamics"). These are just a few examples of Boston Dynamics’s impressive robots, other’s include robots designed for testing chemical protection clothing, fastest running robot in the world, robots able to jump extraordinary heights, and robots capable of climbing textured
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