Boston Sports Marketing Case Study

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As you near the arena, you see the towering, illuminated letters of the building’s sponsor stretched high across the sky. While walking through the hallways with the masses of other fans, you see the repeating concession stands and shops all tightly packed with products covered in your team’s logo. Advertisements for the official “this” of your team, from beer, to sports drinks, to hot dogs are plastered all over the walls of the system of walkways running throughout the arena. As you find your seat, you look across open arena to see ad after ad flashing across the jumbotron in quick succession. The oversaturated presence of marketing in the world of sports is hard to ignore, with seemingly every promotional opportunity already taken advantage…show more content…
This deal took things one step further, as GE would also going to begin to provide the Celtics with “expertise, products, and insights across data science, medical equipment, and lighting solutions” as part of their new partnership. As the industrial giant had recently relocated their national headquarters to the city of Boston, the agreement between GE and the Celtics seems like a powerful intertwining of two of the city’s largest and most notable organizations. NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, described that this was the type of relationship he imagined as he brought in these new advertisements, telling the reporters, “There’s no sponsor that’s only decision is going to manifest its brand just on that small patch on the uniform. Once they put their name on the jerseys that they’ll then use their media to promote the NBA extensively.” Being the most decorated team in NBA history, the Celtics are significantly more established than both the Kings and the 76ers, and the team was able to squeeze a few more dollars out of their agreement, as they will be making an additional seven million per year for their newfound collaboration with
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