Boston University Research Paper

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Boston University is a large, private college in Boston, Massachusetts. It has many major options, which would suit me well because I still don’t know what I am going to major in. They offer many sports and extracurricular activities. This school would be good for me because of it’s location, academic programs, and financial support.
The school is located in an urban setting in a very large city. It is right along Charles River with over 32,000 students, 61% of which are women. 80% of the universities students are from out of state. The location would be nice for me because I want to be close to the ocean, but not on the west coast. It has a lot of housing options. There is coed housing, women's housing, and apartments for single and married
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To get a trustee scholarship you must be nominated by a high school principal or headmaster. The presidential scholarship can be obtained through having an exceptionally strong high school record. To apply to Boston University you must have taken the SAT or ACT and the SAT subject tests are required to apply for some people. BU is a fairly hard school to get into, with a 32% acceptance rate, but you can improve your chances of getting into the college by being diligent all throughout high school, having an impressive academic GPA and application essay, you should have letters of recommendation from your teachers, employers, or counselors, and having excellent standardized test scores will better your chances of being accepted into the college.
Boston University appeals to me because it offers a wide variety of classes and extracurriculars and it is located in an area I would like to live in, which is very important to me. It is a large school but that does not matter because it has a pretty small teacher to student ratio, that ratio being 1:13. That way I will be able to have a more personal learning experience, but also meet new people in the process. I believe this school would meet my needs for the college career I
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