Both Globalization and Localization Provide Benefits Essay

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Just as McDonald's restaurants can be found in most major world cities, other cultures have made their way into the lives of Americans. While driving down streets is any major city one is bombarded by a variety of culturally diverse restaurants including Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Italian. This is a simple example of globalization, the movement and influence of ideas and cultures.

Quite the opposite of globalization is localization, the confinement of authority and policies within a territory. Many traditions that have continued in the city of Syracuse for years, follow the principle of localization. Small businesses have maintained their status in the city, despite surrounding growth and modernization. The traditional home of the
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To some, a feeling of homogeneity creates a sense of comfort, that things are similar wherever they go and that they know what to expect. Globalization can be seen as an integration of various cultures, which creates a bigger and greater overall world.

Australia is now facing the reality of globalization. The Indigenous Aborigines are becoming fearful of their country's increase in the Asian population. They've begun expressing this lately, mainly through hateful speech. "Until recently, a society that had carved out its identity as an isolated slice of Britain had appeared to be broadening its outlook, forging an Asian connection based on trade, mutual security and the growing "Asianization: of its own populace." (Clifton). The Australian government is adopting this new culture with hopes of economic improvement and additional alliances for their country. There are many sensible reasons for both powers to come together, however, in order for Australia to profit from this globalization, the Aborigines, must be willing to accept a multiracial society. The fear they carry most likely stems from a lost of identity and power within their 'territory'. In this case the move of ideas is being brought by 80,000 new immigrants into Australia each year, half of them being of Asian descent. The joining of these two cultures undoubtedly will bring about much upset, as globalization will most likely be
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