Essay on Both Sides of Gun Control in the United States

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Usually when people think about guns they think about crime. But are the two really related? Do guns really lead to crime? And if they do, do laws that restrict firearm ownership and the use of guns stop the crime or protect people? These are the questions many politicians are asking themselves when creating gun control laws. The debate over gun control is nothing new. As you can see this debate still goes on today and is the cause for the beginning of gun control laws. Guns are extremely powerful weapons. They can cause destruction, harm or even death. They can be used to defend and protect or to threaten and kill. However you look at it, guns are powerful instruments, not only physically but socially. As high school students it is…show more content…
Though they are different between each state, there are some basic federal laws that are working nationwide. These include that no person convicted of a crime can own a gun, a person must be 21 or older to purchase a handgun and that ?persons who engage in the business of buying or selling firearms must be licensed? (NRA). One of the laws having the biggest impact was the 1993 Brady Handgun Control Act which is now in affect in 32 states. This act requires a waiting period for the purchase of a handgun and a background check system to ensure against the possession of guns by felons. The effects of gun control laws have been highly effective but they don?t stop people from trying to get a firearm. The Brady Handgun Control Act made it more difficult to purchase and own a gun. Pro-gun affiliates see gun control laws as a way for the government to dictate the people. The real question is, Who should own a gun and what restrictions should they have to be able to keep it? This question is important to everyone related to the issue. Weapons have a big role in everyone?s lives. Most have their own hunting rifle or a collectible pistol. But either of these in the hands of a youth in your neighborhood could be dangerous. Americans value their rights to freedoms granted to them by the Constitution, which includes the possession of firearms as stated in the Second Amendment.

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