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Zephyr is considered to be the west wind and he symbolizes the month of March and beginning of spring. April is the month for Venus who is considered to be the goddess of the gardens (plants and flowers). Her name in Latin was Flora and in Greek Chloris making the three women essentially one in the same. The Graces are the companions of Venus (the spring) and followers of Mercury. Mercury’s union with Venus produced cupid who inspires all manner of life to follow Venus such that it may reproduce itself. Mercury, named after his mother Maia, represents the movement of the wind from spring into summer and thus he represents the month of May. The rustic Roman calendar lasted the duration of ten months and began with the season of spring in…show more content…
The dates are particularly important as Botticelli left for Rome in the fall of 1481 and only returned after the wedding between Lorenzo and Semiramide in July of 1482. The significance of these dates is disprove “La Primavera” as a marriage gift. The letters attributed to Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco from Marsilio Ficino date to 1476/77. The point of the letters was to educate young Lorenzo to be virtuous and to recognize love when she presents herself to him. Ficino and Poliziano were tutoring the young Lorenzo during this period. Villa de Castello was purchased in 1477 and “La Primavera” has been tied to the Villa during the period of 1477/78. All three men were within the inner circle of the young Lorenzo and the Medici family during this time. It makes sense that the painting was painted prior to the arranged marriage, specifically as Botticelli was not in Florence during the duration of the marriage arrangement and until after the marriage took place nearly a year later. In conclusion, the answers to the questions presented in the opening paragraph are clear. “La Primavera” by Botticelli was not a gift for a marriage. It was painted while Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’ Medici was still a young boy at the age of approximately 14 or 15 years old. It has no ties to his marriage to Semiramide as the painting has been dated to 1478 and the marriage arrangement of the two had not been sealed until August of

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