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BOTNET What is Botnet? Botnets are malicious software that criminals distribute to computers and turn them into a zombie. When a computer is infected with a botnet your computer can perform tasks over the internet while you have no clue its happening. Normally criminals infect a large number of computers forming a network or a botnet. Botnets send out spam emails to spread viruses attack other computers and to commit other kind of crime and fraud. Some botnets can be large some can be small but size does not matter either way damage will be done regardless. Some of the most popular botnets are Conficker which never has activated to cause significant damage, but that don’t exactly means the threat is gone for it still remains very…show more content…
A good firewall can help but still won’t per se stop botnets from infecting your computer. There is no true way to stop botnets all you can do is keep an eye on your networking traffic logs and any unusual activity. The first botnet was exposed by Earth Link in 2001 during a lawsuit with a spammer by the name of Khan C. Smith. Some of the types of attacks botnets are capable of are DDoS, Adware, Spyware, E-mail spam, Click Fraud, Fast flux, worms, and Scareware. There are different ways you can tell if your computer been infected by a botnet. Your fan is running fast while your computer is idle meaning that there is a program running without your knowledge. That doesn’t necessarily mean your computer is infected it could simply mean windows updates being installed or a failing CPU. Another symptom is your computer takes a long time to shut down or it won’t shut down properly. Even that doesn’t mean your computer is infected it could be that there are bugs in the OS or conflicts with some programs. Programs are running slower than usual could be a sign that there is a hidden program using a lot of your computers resources but could also mean that there are other problems with your computer. Your computer will not let you download your OS updates. If you can’t get this fixed there’s a chance your computer will get infected if it’s not already. There are many other symptoms of a botnet
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