Botox Injections

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There are many things that happen internally and externally in our bodies every day. Exocytosis and neuromuscular junction help us understand how Botox works. Exocytosis is the process where secretory proteins are transported out of the cell (Alberts, et al., 2014). In addition to this, neurotransmitters are released. Neuromuscular Junction is a synapse that is formed between a muscle fiber and motor neuron which causes the muscle to contract (Alberts, et al., 2014). Botox is a drug made from a neurotoxin. An example of this would be Botulinum neurotoxin type A. Overall, the process of exocytosis, the neuromuscular junctions, and Botox can help with muscular conditions.
Cells produce a large number of products such as hormones, mucus,
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There is studies that show that Botox injections may improve facial-wound healing, and they can help minimize scars (University at Buffalo, 2006). Botox is generally known in help to reduce wrinkles. A study was done on 31 patients who had wounds to the forehead or were having elective surgery to remove skin cancers of the forehead (University at Buffalo, 2006). The researchers used Botox and saline to see which would give the best results of healing the wound (University at Buffalo, 2006). Results showed that the median scores for wounds injected with botulinum toxin were 8.9, compared to median scores of 7.1 for those injected with saline (University at Buffalo, 2006). Therefore, this study shows how Botox is a highly reliable source in helping with muscular conditions.
All in all, muscular conditions can be treated through the process of exocytosis, and then neuromuscular junction, and Botox. This topic is important to learn about because exocytosis gets rid of waste in the cells, and if this is not done properly, there can be some complications. Also neuromuscular junction helps the muscle contract and Botox helps to medically treat several muscular conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the science behind
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