Bottle Bill Deposit Essay

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When purchasing an item in the grocery store, many people do not desire to have an additional tax added to their total but, a bottle bill deposit can be very beneficial. These bottle bill deposit laws only exist in ten states (Bottle Bills in the USA), which means that forty states do not show a true concern about the health of their citizens or the overall environment of their State. While people may not want to be forced to pay a tax on their bottled items, bottle bills should be required in all states because it can increase recycling and even benefit human health.
A bottle bill deposit is a law that requires a refundable deposit on beer, soft drinks, or any other bottled beverages to enforce recycling (What is a Bottle Bill?). Bottle bill deposits provide a system between the consumer and the retailer. The retailer will purchase bottled items from a seller and the retailer pays a deposit to the seller for each bottled item purchased. The consumer will pay a deposit when purchasing the bottled item and if they keep their purchased item, they can return it to a redemption center or
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Within our oceans, there is a system of the ocean currents rotating clockwise around the world called gyres. Within these gyres across the globe, contains the everyday plastic item. An everyday plastic item can be a toothbrush, a plastic water bottle, a plastic coffee mug, or a plastic laundry detergent container. The Earth’s five oceans no longer only have water and sea life situated within the ocean but, plastic as well. Out of all five gyres, the one closest to the United States is the largest. About eighty percent of debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch comes from land-based activities from North America. The majority of plastics within the ocean will never deteriorate, they will only break down to smaller and smaller pieces (Great Pacific Garbage
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