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Evidence to Support Alternative Feeding Methods over Bottle Feeding in Preterm Infants
Introduction and Purpose
The intent of this paper is to examine the clinical issue of the use of alternative feeding methods over bottle feeding in preterm infants whose mothers intend to breastfeed. Efficiently and effectively researching this issue begins with a clearly constructed search question, utilizing the PICOT format. Key words from the PICOT question will be used in nursing and medical databases of journal articles to uncover evidence. Relevant research will be critically appraised to assess the reliability, validity, and applicability of utilizing this alternative feeding method with preterm infants.
Clinical Problem
In a recent clinical rotation
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The PICOT question for the specified clinical problem is as follows: In preterm infants with mothers who intend to breastfeed (population), how does the use of alternative feeding methods (intervention) compare to bottle feeding (comparison) affect the likelihood of the infant to begin exclusively breastfeeding (outcome) after hospital discharge…show more content…
Although statistically significance was revealed, are these results clinically significant? The implementation of cup feeding in the clinical setting would not be difficult. It would not incur significant additional costs, unless it extended the hospital stay as Collins et al. (2008) found in one study. However, Yilmaz et al. (2014) found no difference in hospital stay. Other barriers to implementation include increased time needed to cup feed and the potential milk spillage. Additional research definitely needs to be conducted to further support the use of cup feeding and other alternative feeding methods to increase the likelihood of exclusive breastfeeding, especially after discharge and
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