Bottle Rockets

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The effect of a Bottle Rockets dimensions on the rockets hang time

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Bryan Berrios
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Rashean Senior

Abstract Bottle rockets, people see them as middle school science projects where kids have fun and build little rockets. Actually there is a lot behind bottle rockets, it’s more than just throw some plastic bottle together and glue some wings to it and fly it. The researcher chose this topic because in his class they are doing the bottle rocket project and he wanted to find out which rocket was more efficient for hang time. So the experimenter built some rockets and launched them and gathered the results. In this paper there is some history of rocketry
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A good water rocket has a lot of qualities and one of them is hang time a good rocket has a good hang time. The problem is not a lot of people know how to make a rocket with good hang time and neither did the researcher. He wanted to find out what dimensions of a rocket would make it have a great hang time.
Before you go into building a rocket for hang time the researcher advises to build a stable rocket first. “One important factor in designing a stable rocket is considering the stability of the bottles used. Different bottles have different natural stabilities. Bottles with a short center-section and a long neck have a naturally high center of gravity. High, that is, if it is used as a rocket; low if the bottle is sitting on a shelf. Newer bottles are designed this way, because they are less likely to tip over. When we flip the bottle upside-down, to be used as a rocket, this shape works to our benefit, because the center of gravity is already high in the rocket, resulting in smaller fins and less weight that has to be added to make a stable rocket.” (Singleton IV, 2001)
There are different types of bottle rockets, for different purposes. The type of rocket we want to build is called a backslider “Backsliders are the rockets that are modified so that at apogee, instead of flipping over and heading for the ground, they float back in a higher drag configuration than a nose-dive. This set includes true backsliders which actually fall vertically
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