Bottled Water And Drinking Water

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Americans utilize a great deal of water, in fact, the average American uses 90 gallons a day (Henshaw). So it is not surprising America has one of the cleanest water reserves in the world (“Water Quality”). A surprising statistic, however, is one-third of the American population drinks bottled water on a regular basis when the majority has clean drinking water at home (Olsen). This might be due to the fact that the bottled water industry has promoted itself as a healthier and more portable alternative to tap water. However, the truth is startling as bottled water is only a misleading, expensive, and dangerous gimmick to bring in revenue for large companies. Bottled water is a high revenue business with little to offer its consumers. Americans spent around $11.8 billion dollars on bottled water in 2012 (Boesler). It is surprising to discover that bottled water costs at least 300 times more than tap water (Boesler). Bottled water drinkers might assume this is an adequate price considering marketers convince them it comes from natural springs, but at least 25% of bottled water comes from municipal water supplies (“Bottled Water”). The company filters the tap water and sells it in misleading packaging at an outrageous price. However, with tap water only $ 0.004 a gallon, Americans can filter their own water and increase the productive opportunities for their money (Boesler). The water bottles’ packaging is not only misleading, it is dangerous. The plastic that…
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