Bottled Water And Water Treatment Process Levels Essay

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First, water is an important resource for consumers and the environment. Water is needed in the body to maintain health and the body’s mechanism. “People cannot survive without water resources in their everyday lives, which cost, taste, or health factors the cause for choice and how water consumption affects people and the environment” (Mythri, Chandu, Prashant, Subba, 2010, p. 515). The challenge is understanding the risk of drinking water, from either bottled water or tap water, and the adverse effects on the body system. Therefore, the better the quality of water, the less risk of drinking water from a bottle. “The most uncommon knowledge of the consumers is almost half of all bottled water comes from the same place as tap water, yet marketing tools to persuade the consumer will never unveil important information regarding this”(Liberatore, 2011, p. 69). Bottled water and tap water treatment process levels are different in a treatment process. In particular, tap water treated as high priority because of where the water comes from. The difference between the two water sources is tap water is from run offs and recycled water, which is filtered to remove waste, chemicals, and pollutants, then processed again for all living organisms to use again. By the same token, bottled water is captured from the mountain chambers and natural springs and afterward processed differently, yet once it drunk its nothing left to recycle. “Scientifically, the biological stability is to
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