Bottled Water And Your Skin

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Distilled water and your skin You may well have spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds on cleansers, toners and different types of tonics all in the name of clear skin. On top of this you may have put in a lot of time religiously washing those spot prone areas, scrubbing, dabbing and using the special round circular motions all in an attempt to clear up those pesky break outs and yet, despite all your best efforts, it doesn’t work. As a result, you’re left out of pocket and still struggling with problematic skin but before you throw your hands in the air in hopelessness, Make Water Pure want you to know there is an answer. Make Water Pure are going to suggest something that’s actually so necessary to your actual existence that you’ll…show more content…
Why is tap water so bad for your skin? A huge percentage of the UK has hard water which means the majority of the population have to face the cold hard truth of it: we’re actually covering ourselves in soap scum. The soap scum then clogs our pores each time we use it and contributes to breakouts. The big problem with hard water is the fact that it has such a high mineral content which stops it from reacting with soap normally. Instead, it triggers a lather and creates a soapy layer upon the skin. This not only leads to very clogged pores but also irritates the skin too making it itchy, dry and sometimes flaky. Dr Dennis Gross from the U.S had this to say, “These impurities in water make it difficult for soap and shampoo to wash off, leading to dryness of the skin and scalp, which directly irritate the skin and cause redness and rosacea.” On top of this, there are also very strong correlations between hard water and skin disorders such as eczema. This is due to the minerals such as calcium, which when found in particularly high concentrations can cause a great loss of moisture to the skin and in turn lead to irritating conditions like eczema. A recent study at the University of Nottingham found in over 7,500 children of school age, conditions like eczema were becoming significantly more common for those within hard water areas than those in soft water areas. Sadly, this isn’t a matter of converting
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