Bottled Water Industry Study

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Adaptability is another major key for sustainability in resources, in order to stay up to date with consumer demands and the market on a global scale, the company must install the latest technology for its plants and equipment, avoiding the risk of lagging behind and allowing entry of other competitors.
Risk Avoidance in Resources: Shielding a business from the threat of resource price shocks and shortages and switching to other less costly and available substitutes is a sustainable competitive advantage in the long-run. A key risk factor in supply chain and production cost control, crude oil is a scarce and costly resource used in manufacturing plastic water bottles. It includes the risk of price fluctuations due to the uncertainty that embraces developed countries that produce oil. As for its environmental risks, its production process, transportation, storage and the unconstrained level of pollution stimulate a major responsibility on the plant infrastructure and safety, employees, and suppliers. In addition, the energy consumption to produce plastic water bottles is extensively greater than the energy required to produce tap water. Alternative Resource: The new…
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