Bottled Water : The Demand For Bottled Drinking Water

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NJOKU Bottled Water The demand for bottled drinking water has been growing rapidly since the 1980s, increasing nearly 400% in the last decade according to the Council of Bottled Water Manufacturers, as a result of declining consumer confidence in the safety and quality of municipal water supplies. In response, individuals and businesses are purchasing bottled drinking water for use in their homes and offices. Free of contaminants and government-monitored, bottled waters are derived from protected springs or wells or are produced by purifying and processing water from public water supplies. Consumer demand for bottled water is expected to continue to increase, as water supplies worldwide are deemed undrinkable or unhealthy. According to a survey conducted by E-Works in 1988, more than 60% of consumers questioned about their purchase of bottled waters claimed "taste" was the primary reason for buying bottled water. Other reasons cited were safety and concerns about "too many chemicals in tap water." To take advantage of this expanding market for drinking water, NJOKU Bottled Water has been established to provide home and office delivery of bottled water to the Wichita area. After months of extensive industry and market research, the company has developed a solid business plan to enter the market for bottled water. NJOKU will generate revenue as a result of the rental and sale of water coolers, as well as for the delivery of the three types of water: pure spring water,
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