Bounadries in Nursing

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undariesProfessional boundaries in Nursing This assignment a discussion about nursing boundaries issues which happened in my workplace. The founder of modern nursing has rightly quoted that ‘nursing is the care which puts the person in the best possible condition for nature to either restore or preserve health or to prevent or cure injury’. Nursing has its own entity and ethics which makes it a profession. In response to the rising health needs, the need for independent nursing is the demand of the hour. This concept are formulated and implemented in develop countries. This has helped in meeting the consumers’ demand for health benefits. In the early years of the nursing profession, it generally believed that nurses served and cared for…show more content…
However, if the doctor available in the units during office hour, they have to finish their entire plan of patient care. Snelgrove and Hughes (2000) found that night nurses often move across usual boundaries to ease pressure on over-burdened junior doctors. Some of nurses tend to take over the expended role as they are willing to learn and developing themselves. Workman (2002) found that nurses want undertake cannulation because they perceive that it improves the standard of patient care and provides personal and professional satisfaction. Meanwhile, Djukic and Kovner (2010) cited that nurses and physician practice overlapped can be useful for determine conventional role and responsibilities as well as opportunities for expanding established professional boundaries. Mitchinson and Goodland (1996) defined expended role as a higher level of nursing practice within existing boundaries of nursing. This is the result of the knowledge from research, experienced and continuing education and incorporates new skills from this knowledge base. Although, the senior staff given the authority by doctor in performing the cannulation to the patient, sometimes they are also facing the challenges to make decision and uncertain whenever they dealing with difficult situation. According Rushmer (2001), inter-professional trust and confident will be destroyed because blurred boundaries will not generate the synergies and it will cause anxieties, stress, low performances and willing

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