Boundaries Chapter Summary

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One book that has influenced my understanding of my calling is Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. The book addresses boundaries and boundary conflicts that occur in everyday life in relationships with others. The goal of the book is to help people better understand the need for boundaries and to be able to implement them in a way that is loving to others, but gives people back healthy control over their own lives. They write about various different types of relationships including those with family, children, and self. However, the two chapters of this book that particularly impacted me were “Boundaries and Your Friends” and “Boundaries and God”.
The chapter about friendships begins by addressing different types of boundary problems that can occur in friendships before taking a deeper look at some questions that arise with boundary conflicts. The question that I found the most interesting was “aren’t friendships easily broken?” Their response to this question was unexpected. They state that all friendships are based on some level of attachment or love, and furthermore, they explain that love is
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And that’s the one thing we can’t control” (Cloud and Townsend 152). This struck me because I had never thought about relationships in this way before. In that moment I knew God was trying to show me something. I realized the importance of love being a choice. God chooses to love us, and we choose to love others because of His love for us. We are called to choose love even when it is hard. We are called to choose love even when there is no promise that we won’t get hurt. God loves the world and everyone in it, yet He was killed by people He came to save. He knew that not everyone would choose to love Him, yet still He chose to love the world. Some people may not choose to love, but I believe that I have been called to love and that this choice should affect how I live
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