Essay on Boundaries and Contracts Within Counselling

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To have good ethical practice within counselling it is important that there are boundaries and contracts in place that are agreed to and understood by both the counsellor and the client. At the start of each new counselling session it is important that a contract is set out between the client and counsellor. The BACP states 'good practice involves clarfiying and agreeing to the rights and responsibilities of both the counsellor and the client at appropriate points in their working relationship'. Within the contract such things as the type of counselling being offered, number of sessions, the frequency of sessions, timing of sessions, length of sessions, payment and confidentiality should be discussed and agreed to by both the…show more content…
The counsellor is in their right to inform the counsellor that they can not keep the confidentiality on the particluar piece of information been shared. It is important that the counsellor does not arrange to meet the client outside of the counselling sessions and that both client and counsellor keeps to the agreed appointment times. The counsellor is there to purely counsell the client and should by no means become in involved in other aspects of the clients life for example offering to find out something on behalf of the counsellor. It is important that once the costs/fees are agreed upon that the counsellor does raise these costs or waive them for something in return. At the first counselling session the counsellor should offer the client a set number of weeks that they maybe counselled and it is important that the counsellor does not extend these without any clear reason to do so as this may result in the client becoming dependant on the counsellor. The counsellor must on no terms exploit the client in anyway and recieving or giving of gifts is not acceptable during the time the client is being counselled. Before a counselling session starts it is important that the client understands confidentiality. To be able to understand this the counsellor must explain to the client that anything they say within the
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