Boundary Issues Of Mr. Jones

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Boundary Issues in Mr. Jones Mr. Jones is the story of a manic depressive man and his relationship with a female psychiatrist with whom he happens to cross paths. The movie, “Mr. Jones,” provides an opportunity to learn about Bipolar Disorder, a disease of the brain that causes shifts in an individual’s mood, and ability to function. The illness can be intolerable because it often results in damaged relationships, problems in the home as well as work. It is a disorder that has extreme mania, demonstrated by irritability, little sleep, impulsive behavior, rapid speech and aggression toward other people. It also has severe sadness, excessive sleeping, feelings of guilt and loss, and also loss of interest in activities. The movie shows the impact of manic-depressive man who goes through ultimate highs and devastating lows, and the therapist who attempts to help him at the expense of violating boundaries and ethical principles. The movie starts as Mr. Jones shows up for a carpenter’s position while going through a manic episode. He just shows for work, and the foreman tells him that he is not needed. However, Mr. Jones has is truly believes in his abilities and skills. He believes he is a super human and can do twice the work of anyone else. Mr. Jones is open, out-going and he convinces the foreman to give him a job opportunity when the foreman does not want to do so. Although Mr. Jones appears to be very bright, extremely personable and, perhaps, skillful as a carpenter,
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